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Category:    Main  »  Fly Fishing for Steelhead
Barbara is not about to let a single spot go untouched. Here she works over a fast water flat on the Brule.
Spring hen steelhead from the Brule this is a self timer photo - the only fish that I decided to photo that evening. Many fish hooked and landed unitl dark ended the fun.
This fiesty male was a tail walker. He took a chartruse glo bug in the heavy water leading in to a large hole on the Brule.
Steve Yanisch with a pre-spawn winter hen. Taken on a rubber leg flashback nymph.
This smaller than average female steelhead took a small chartruse glo bug.
This 27" male was one of several fish caught by John on Opening Day. Small glo bugs in wintering areas was the right combo that day. The gentleman in the background is good friend and fishing partner Greg Larson.
Scott Schumacher of Livingston Montana with a brilliant October steelhead from the Brule. A 28" fish like this in 50+ degree water will give you religion at times.......
David K. with a last light male steelhead from the Brule.This is a typical, full color, late October "buck" from the Brule. Some Chrome fish were hooked that day as well; a nice mixture of fish is always the case in the third week of October.
October steelhead Brule River 2004
Steve with a nice steelhead from the Brule, Mid October 2004. Stone nymph: size 4.
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