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Category:    Main  »  Fly Fishing for Steelhead
Barbara, Anna and Katie Redmond had a succesful day on the Brule. Guide Mike Riley took this photo of the ladies after they landed one of thier steelhead.
Barbara and guide Mike Riley landed this fish, a beautiful 27" male steelhead. The big male made a strong bid for freedom just before a photo was taken and back in to the river he went. Maybe he saw the camera and all of the ladies...... heck he was camera shy, that's it!
They sure are girthy this fall! The warm summer increased the productivity in Lake Superior
Hey I get to have fun too! I caught the following fish this week using floating line and indicator or "chuck and duck". Nymphs and Egg patterns worked well all week.
This is an early fall/summer run male steelhead from the Brule.
Hooked this fish in a large hole on the Brule and within about two or three seconds I was looking at my backing! This was a mean steelhead!
B.D. landed this bright fish on October 20th
Mike Riley dealing with the high water. Bob Bickford was the camera man. Mike hooked a big steelhead and did his best impersonation of a lumbering defensive lineman chasing the fish down through some fast chutes and rapids. The steelhead was doing it's best impersonation of Michael Vick, and made one too many moves. Fish off!
Mike Riley landed this nice September Hen steeelhead.
Larry Schmidt of Plymouth Minnesota with a late April steelhead from the Brule. Guide Bob Bickford put Larry and his son Adam on several steelhead. Larry and Adam each landed two steelhead fishing with floating lines and indicators, good job guys!
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