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Headwaters Fly Fishing Company Stream Reports - Western Wisconsin Spring Creeks

Current Reports for Western Wisconsin Spring Creeks:
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1/5/2019 - Early Season Report

With the warm Jan we are having, it's a good time to enjoy some Winter trout fishing.
Minnesota - Opened Jan 1st in the SE (selected waters)
With this warm weather, the midges are hatching during the warmest part of the day. The best rig is a larger bead headed nymph (size 12 - 14) with a small midge pupa (size 18 - 20) as a dropper. Dead drifting small woolly buggers in the slow deep pools is also very effective. The most important thing is to fish slow and deep.
Also, try using a Tenkara rod when the weather is cold and the rod guides are icing up.
Wisconsin - The special Winter trout season opens Jan 5th, 2019

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