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Headwaters Fly Fishing Company Stream Reports - Southeast Minnesota Trout Streams

Current Reports for Southeast Minnesota Trout Streams:
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1/30/2020 - Winter report from John Goplin

MN SE Early Trout Season
MN opened Jan. 1 for early season Trout fishing in the SE part of the state (check regs. for streams that are open).

Midges and small Black Stone flies have been hatching with an opportunity to get some rising fish (remember the hatch is during the warmest time of the day........so no rush to get out early). You'll see the bugs crawling on the snow near the river if they're hatching (or watch for the birds along the bank eating the bugs). Use a Griffin's Gnat for a dry or BH Zebra midge for a nymph. I usually fish the deep slow pools where the trout are in their winter habitat and the riffles feeding these holes if the bugs are coming off. I like to fish the deep slow holes is a long leader with a BH Turkey marabou Bugger (sometimes no indicator to get down deep). Remember to fish slow.

If the temperatures are cold and the guides are icing up, try a Tenkara rod (no guides and can fish with mittens). I actually like some of these days because it reduces the number of people on the river. So far the snow depth is minimal and it's been easy walking the banks.

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