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Headwaters Fly Fishing Company Stream Reports - Southeast Minnesota Trout Streams

Current Reports for Southeast Minnesota Trout Streams:
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1/28/2019 - Winter season Fishing report - John Goplin

Now that WI & MN Winter Trout seasons are open, it's time to get outside. The secret to success on these cold winter days is fish the deep slow pools and fish slow. Dead drifting small Woolly Buggers (size 8 & 10) or a heavy nymph like a BH Pink Squirrel (size 12 & 14) with a small Midge Pupa behind it (size 18 & 20). If you want to get some dry fly action, look for a riffle stretch of the river that gets a lot of sunlight during the nicest time of the day. Preferably, a riffle that is coming into a deep pool. Midges will be hatching and try Griffins Gnats etc. (size 18 - 22).

Cold weather tip - Try a Tenkara rod in this cold weather. It's the perfect system for the extreme cold days......no guides to freeze up and can fish with mittens on!!

1/5/2019 - Early Season Report

With the warm Jan we are having, it's a good time to enjoy some Winter trout fishing.
Minnesota - Opened Jan 1st in the SE (selected waters)
With this warm weather, the midges are hatching during the warmest part of the day. The best rig is a larger bead headed nymph (size 12 - 14) with a small midge pupa (size 18 - 20) as a dropper. Dead drifting small woolly buggers in the slow deep pools is also very effective. The most important thing is to fish slow and deep.
Also, try using a Tenkara rod when the weather is cold and the rod guides are icing up.
Wisconsin - The special Winter trout season opens Jan 5th, 2019

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