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Your guiding style is an excellent match to my learning style. Your keen observations of my fly fishing skills, the gaps in my knowledge, my understanding of strategies, and your clear, thoughtful comments have helped me over the years increase my skills on any type of water, with any species of fish, anytime, anywhere. Your focus and enthusiasm for increasing the level of my knowledge and skill have made for a fishing experience that Iíve come to know from you - and you surpass my expectations every time! Itís been well over 12 years since I first participated in your fly fishing school on the Willow River in Wisconsin. One look at the river and with the first practice cast I knew this would be a sport that I would begin immediately and continue for a life time. Thank you for introducing me to this most elegant sport.

Barbara Redmond

Headwaters Fly Fishing Video
Minnesota Bound
Fly Fishing for Smallmouth Bass on the Upper Mississippi River with Ron Schara on Minnesota Bound.