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Category:    Main  »  Fly Fishing for Smallmouth Bass
Upper Mississippi Smallie
Gary with a nice bass from the Upper St.Croix
Harry said "OK, you can take a picture of this one." So we did.
Tim had a good day with all of the scrappy smallies.
Upper Mississippi River action
This is a 19" Upper St.Croix river smallmouth. I caught this just after a good soaking downpour thus the "wet rat" look.
This is Scott Struif with a smallmouth that was attacked by a 40" muskie while on the line. We hope the smallmouth lived but it looked to be in serious condition. Scott tugged as hard as he could to free the smallie from the beast and after a short fight the muskie gave up.
This is another Upper St.Croix smallmouth - they are active.
This was a great fish probably 18" or so.
Chuck Moos landed this 20" smallie on a nice late October afternoon. The Fishing was excellent. Clouser
Minnow and a Sundquist diver were the flies of the day.
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