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Category:    Main  »  Fly Fishing for Smallmouth Bass
She landed the big one for the day. Sorry Ken! You will hear this again and you have heard it before. Women fishing partners will catch the bigger fish almost every time. Why you ask? Well you will just have to ask me.
Nice lunch spot in the woods

Ed Vaughn of Louisville Kentucky boated this nice 20" smallie
Ed also caught a 21" smallie. Ed is a good fly fisher and a talented fly tier.
The Mississippi does have a walleye population but this is the largest I have seen in 19 years of guiding and an additonal 10 years of fishing. Ed took it on a diver fished on the surface.
They can't sing but they can sure catch Smallmouth Bass. Mike, Maury and Lou.......
The weather and water were so hot that week that we did not dare hold them out of the water for too long. But we decided to take one photo.
This was a 20" fish. Again the water is so warm that we are photographing less, but the fish are very cooperative these days.........
Bob indentified a pattern and did well on divers.
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